Wednesday, 6 November 2013

5,4,3,2,1 kissing has finished it's time for elephant!

Out of context the above statement is very random I know, but working with children with autism spectrum disorder I hear things like this everyday.  Just incase your wondering, one of the children kept kissing another on the cheek while we tried to keep focus on an activity about animals being performed by the lead teacher. 

As I begin to look at my key findings and start the scary task of writing my inquiry project it is important to remember what is driving my inquiry:
  • Inspired by the amazing staff and students that I work with.
  • Longing to build a deeper understanding of ASD.
  • A desire to understand how the magic of theatre can be accessible to children with ASD.
It is easy to loose sight of my drive when I am overwhelmed by all the different aspects of the inquiry process.  I am beginning to look at my key findings and the tools I have to support them:
  • Literature.
  • Interviews.
  • Show visits/reviews.
  • Conference visits/reviews. 
  • Personal experiences/diary extracts.
I have highlighted my last bullet point as it is easy to forget the importance of our own practice, feelings and experiences as we look to what I sometimes see as a 'higher power' of knowledge.  I need to remember that my practice is important and integral to this inquiry too.  I plan to share some of my experiences in my inquiry in order to support key findings.  This was inspired by an accessible piece of literature that shares personal experiences.  It was clear, informative and relatable, this is what I want from my inquiry.

I was planning to tackle all my literature before embarking on starting to write my inquiry project but have had a change of heart.  In having a tendancy of wanting to finish one aspect before starting another I am loosing time.  I need to accept that different elements can work alongside each other and I can still be in control.  I plan to approach my literature when I have time to read on London's transport (I spend a lot of time there) while also starting to write.  Then write when I have assigned quiet study time.  This allows me to feel a sense of progression as well as creating quality work that is not just rushed. 

Are others using a similar approach too?

Thanks Hollie xx


  1. Hi Hollie,
    Your inquiry sounds amazing :) I have a very close friend who teaches, amongst others, children on the autism spectrum and we have long and inspirational talks about child development and support.
    I also watched the BBC program on Tuesday about ABA and the pros/ cons of such methodologies - so fascinating and yet also heartbreaking.

    Your comment about things 'working alongside each other' and yet still being in control are spot on! I can't imagine trying to just analyse data or just read literature but am changing from this to that to the other as I start to make and build connections. Just last night I woke at 5a.m. and had to scribble something down. It had obviously been rolling around in my mind and picking up momentum until it finally 'clicked' and woke me up! It's not a finish or an answer but it has helped me to move along another few paces.
    Time is the problem - so little of it and so much that feels important to do. However I keep reminding myself that the module assessment is only a pause in the inquiry. An important pause, yes! But not the end of ends.
    Keep in touch as I'd love to hear more about your inquiry as it progresses.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your comment and new boost of confidence in my inquiry! It is a really inspiring subject and need to take a step back sometimes to appreciate that I do really enjoy the subject I am exploring.

    I like your thinking regarding that the assesment is a 'pause' our learning will never end this is a sort of 'so far' I guess!

    I have started to write today finally! Only my introduction but it's a start. Have you started writing yet how are you finding get strong clear points across in a limited word count?

    Hope your not waking up at 5am every night. Love to hear more about your inquiry too!

    Hollie x